Irkutsk tour

Irkutsk tour

Irkutsk is a unique, ancient city, the capital of Eastern Siberia. The proximity to Lake Baikal makes it a real tourist center, every year thousands of Russian and foreign tourists visit Irkutsk.

You will have a fascinating excursion to the historical center of the city, during which you will get acquainted with the history and culture of the city. You will see magnificent churches of the city, places associated with the Decembrists, enjoy the architectural ensemble of the city center and get acquainted with the numerous monuments of the city.

Irkutsk was founded in 1661 on the bank of the Irkut River, from which the name of the city took place. In 2011, Irkutsk celebrated its 350th anniversary.

Irkutsk's favorable geographic location at the intersection of many trade routes has largely determined its history and development. The city became a kind of "window to the East", all expeditions organized to the Far East, Mongolia, China, Alaska were formed in Irkutsk. From here began the settlement of the banks of the Amur.

In the 1840s, Irkutsk became the gold mining center of Eastern Siberia, and Irkutsk merchants - the richest in Siberia. The construction of the Trans-Siberian railway through Irkutsk led to the strengthening of economic and cultural ties between the Siberian city and European Russia, and its role as the administrative center of the vast region.

During the tour you will visit:
  1. Historical center of Irkutsk city – it's beginning, the place of Irkutsk's fortress
  2. Eternal flame devoted to the Great Patriotic War
  3. Different monuments of Irkutsk (Aleander the 3, Lenin, Gagarin e. t. c.
  4. Polish church. The church of our Savior. Epiphany church.
  5. The Monument of founders of Siberia
  6. Moscow's Gates
  7. Main square of the city – Kiroff's square.
  8. City council
  9. 130 quarter
  10. Znamenski nunnery
  11. The place of execution of Kolchak, the monument to Kolchak
  12. Karl Marks Street – one of the oldest streets of Irkutsk
  13. Dram Theatre of Irkutsk
  14. Walk along the embankment of Angara river

If desired, you will visit the Museum of Local Lore, the museum of the history of the city of Irkutsk, the estate of V.P. Sukacheva

Also, your attention is also offered to the Irkutsk Krestovozdvizhenskoy church, one of the highest points of the city, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the capital of the Angara. Here you can see the work of the bell ringer and hear the sound of old church bells.
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We had limited time in Irkutsk and I can't think of a better way to see Listvyanka. In one day we managed to see monuments and cathedrals in Irkutsk, drive to Listvyanka, hike to a beautiful vista (lift also available), see the Baikal museum, fish market, walk along the beaches, and see Shaman rock. Dasha's knowledge of history and geology gave us a better understanding of the region. I hope to see more of Baikal someday.
Thomas Michael
27/10/2017 10:46
The Baikal tour was a wonderful experience, the natural beauty of area and the scenery amazed us. Dasha was very experienced with respect to the history of the area and natural environment. The tour was extremely well organized and flexible enough to accommodate different tastes, interests and levels of fitness. We will return once again, perhaps in the winter to experience the difference of seasons. Thanks the guide and the team for such a wonderful trip!
Daril and Olive
22/06/2017 05:42
The scenery was very beautiful, the food was good, people were very nice. Dasha was very knoledgeble about everything! I love Baikal and Russia.
Maison J Kooley
22/06/2017 05:41
Alexander and Dasha picked us up right in front of our hostels. All i can tell you guys is that you've come to the right website. -Professiona & friendlys guides -Best service -Nice driving skill Worthy experience
14/06/2017 15:28

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