Lake Baikal Diving - Ice Diving & Baikal Diving Safaris

Lake Baikal Diving - Ice Diving & Baikal Diving Safaris

Lake Baikal diving in winter - ICE Diving
Experience the best of Lake Baikal's underice topography.

Looking for extreme diving? You've found it. The Siberian lake Baikal Ice Diving allows you to test the limits of fun.

Daily ice dives take place from Listvyanka village on the shores of Lake Baikal (one hour's drive from Irkutsk) all year round.
Dive under Siberian ice in Lake Baikal! Any certified diver is welcome. The dive club has all the necessary equipment. For summer dives and Baikal diving cruises please click here

Daily Introduction Dives for non-certified divers:
diving starts from the shore in open water and father goes under ice
1 dive per day: 5700 rubles
Price includes:
- personal instruction and dive held on by an instructor
- all necessary equipment: tanks, weights, weight belts, dry suit, fins, regulator, mask, BC.

Daily ice dives for certified (ICE Diver) divers:
1 dive per day: 8500R per person (min 2 persons)
Prices include:
- all necessary equipment: dry suit, tanks, weights and weight belts, fins, regulators, masks, BC
- technical instructor/guide

Take advantage of Siberia's unique environment to complete your International Ice Diving Certificate (Ice Diver) in the world's deepest and purest fresh water lake. Baikal's remarkable underwater visibility guarantees an incomparable diving experience.
ICE Diver Course:
Duration: 3 dives in 2 days
Price: 24000 rubles including equipment rent
Price includes: theory, personal instruction, in-water training, training in ice diving preparation, general ice skills, three dives with an instructor, all equipment with dry suite, international Ice Diving certificate CMAS/IANTD/SDI.
Prerequisites: Dry Suit Diver certificate or Advanced OWD or equivalent.
During the course you'll learn ice diving planning, organization, techniques and potential problems as well as site selection, preparation, special equipment and safety diver procedures. You'll then put this all into practice when you ice dive within the light zone (within 40 meters/130 feet total distance from the surface, including vertical and horizontal).

Diving instructors:

Genady Misan:
- CMAS 3* instructor N RUS F00/13/06/000025
- Trimix instructor - trainer IANTD N 574
- Trimix instructor IANTD N 7120
- ER instructor - trainer TDI N 5721
- Advanced Trimix instructor TDI N 5721
- Instructor - trainer SDI N 5721
- Full Cave instructor TDI N 5721
- Site Mount Instructor TDI N 5721
Genady is Russian cold water diving champion and has been down to depths in excess of 155 metres!

Tatiana Oparina:
- Trimix instructor IANTD N 4834
- Full Cave diver TDI
All of our instructors are experienced divers. We are ready to show all the beauty of Lake Baikal under the ice with the professionalism you are looking for.

Contact us to book a diving day.

Ice Diving period Water t° (depth>10m) Visibility (depth>10m) Air t° (daytime) January/Ice formations
April/Ice melting +1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F)
+0.5C,+1.5C (32.9F,34.7F)
+0.5C,+1.5C (32.9F,34.7F)
+1C,+2C (33.8F,35.6F) 45-50m (147-164ft.)
40-45m (131-147ft.)
40-45m (131-147ft.)
45-50m (147-164ft.) -25C,-33C (-13F,-27.4F)
-20C,-30C (-4F,-22F)
-8C,-18C (17.6F,-0.4F)
-7C,-10C (19.4F,14F)

Baikal Ice Diving Safari!

Baikal Ice Diving Safari period: from February till the middle of April.
Baikal Ice Dive Safari duration: from 1 to 6 days and include 1, 2 dives per day.

Trips are started in Irkutsk with the driving to the destination points (Olkhon Island 300km, Circumbaikal railway 100km, Bolshie Koty 100km). Olkhon Island is one of the most popular destinations. Ice diving trips in Olkhon take4-6 days. Accommodation is in the local guesthouse, home-made meals 3 times per day, jeeps Toyota and russian military jeeps UAZ are used for the trip. Professional ice captains support the safari. Diving is performed with safety ropes according to PADI standards using experienced instructors and dive guides.

Construction of the maina (sawed rectangular entry hole) is the first task upon arrival at the camp. Our dive center staff usually prepare the maina, but divers taking the Ice Dive Course can try to make it by themselves.

Provided/rented diving equipment:
- Dry suit (neoprene dry suites)
- Warm dry undergarments
- Two unfreezing regulators
- BCD with integrated weight system
- Mask, fins, tube, 15 liter tanks, weights, weight belts
- Gloves (three-finger mitts or dry gloves with rings)
- Diving computer
- Powerful rechargeable torch

People who don't have Ice diver certificate can take an Ice diving safari tour and go through a course during the tour.

Ice Diving Jeep Safari: Olkhon Island & Ushkany Islands
Price: 17500 R per day + equipment rent 3450R per day
Minimum duration: 4 days
Price includes:
- 2 dives per day (one dive on the 1st or last days)
- technical instructor/guide
- guesthouse accommodation / twin
- meals 3 times per day
- banya / steam bath
- local jeep support on ice, driver, driver's travel expenses

You can go through Ice Diving Course during the tour.
Ice diving course during safari is 12000R

Price does not include rent of the equipment. We can provide all necessary (dry suit, tanks, weights and weight belts, fins, regulators, masks, BC). Price 3450R per day. Gases are not incldued (Double manifold (2*12), air 800R; decoballon, air 700R).

Contact us to book a diving safari or ask any question.
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We had limited time in Irkutsk and I can't think of a better way to see Listvyanka. In one day we managed to see monuments and cathedrals in Irkutsk, drive to Listvyanka, hike to a beautiful vista (lift also available), see the Baikal museum, fish market, walk along the beaches, and see Shaman rock. Dasha's knowledge of history and geology gave us a better understanding of the region. I hope to see more of Baikal someday.
Thomas Michael
27/10/2017 10:46
The Baikal tour was a wonderful experience, the natural beauty of area and the scenery amazed us. Dasha was very experienced with respect to the history of the area and natural environment. The tour was extremely well organized and flexible enough to accommodate different tastes, interests and levels of fitness. We will return once again, perhaps in the winter to experience the difference of seasons. Thanks the guide and the team for such a wonderful trip!
Daril and Olive
22/06/2017 05:42
The scenery was very beautiful, the food was good, people were very nice. Dasha was very knoledgeble about everything! I love Baikal and Russia.
Maison J Kooley
22/06/2017 05:41
Alexander and Dasha picked us up right in front of our hostels. All i can tell you guys is that you've come to the right website. -Professiona & friendlys guides -Best service -Nice driving skill Worthy experience
14/06/2017 15:28

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