Hot Springs of Northern Baikal

Hot Springs of Northern Baikal

Price per person:

Most of the people who come to Baikal visit only a small part of its southern area – the closest settlement – Lystvianka or just eastern side of Olkhon Island. - We will leave these places for the summer, and now we would like to invite you to the North of Baikal, difficult to access, absolutely different from the South, rich in wildlife and thermal springs. The uniqueness of our expedition will be regular visits to hot springs at the edge of the icy desert!

Sometimes we will live away from civilization, without communication in absolutely wild places! This is the whole thing,

without tents, but the conditions of accommodation will sometimes be basic. We will wash more parts in Russian sauna - Banya, like real pioneers, hunters. This trip is only for those who are capable of break away from civilization and plunge into the unique world of Baikal waking up after the winter.

You will see hidden corners, where the foot of an ordinary tourist does not step, accessible in the summer only with the help of

expensive water transport. Visit the real "bear corner" where you will learn distinguish traces of wild animals and walk on snowshoes, like real inhabitants of the north. In Davsha you can watch Barguzin sable in wildlife. Take a ride on the cleanest Baikal ice, swim in hot springs of different temperatures on the eastern and western side of Lake Baikal. At the end of March there is the opportunity to observe a newborn seal (which are white and fluffy) next to Ushkanymi islands.

We checked on ourselves that these places give a powerful charge of energy for a long time! And we will play golf on

Baikal ice, take part in a culinary master class on making Siberian dishes and, of course, will try fishing and the most extreme members of our team will experience the real kiss of Baikal!

The most athletic of us will have the opportunity to walk a couple of kilometers of our route to skates on the clear ice of the Great Lake!

Day1. 20th of March 2018, Thursday
Arrival to Irkutsk till 10 am, meeting at the airport at 10 am. After getting acquainted we will go to Olkhon Island.

It will take around 4 hours to reach the island. We will go by official road to Khuzir – you will see what the ice of Baikal during this part of our trip. On the way we will visit Ogoy island and beautiful icy grottos and caves. At the central settlement of the island we will visit a sacred place – the symbol of Baikal – Shaman Rock. At the hotel we will have dinner with different delicacies of Siberian cuisine. In your free time you can take bicycles or skates to have some fun on ice.
Distance: 300km
Meals: Dinner
Accomodation: Khuzir, twin-room or family room, toilet and shower are in the room

Day 2. March 21, 2018, Wednesday
Today the main part of the route begins – we will go to the northern part of the island. On the way we will stop in different picturesque places - we inspect grottoes, caves, hummocks, clear ice - after Khoboy - the northern cape – we will keep our way to Ushkany islands. On Ushkanii Islands we will examine ice thrusts, grottoes, hummocks, at this time there wil probablyl be an opportunity to observe the seals in binoculars. We will place ourselves in the guest rooms of a real weather station. In the evening hot Russian sauna will be organized.
Distance: 80 km
Meals: B-L-D
Accomodation: Weather station on Ushakany island. 2-3 persons in 1 room. Toilet is outside. Russian sauna – Banya. House is very warm – don't worry, you won't be frozen.

Day 3. March 22, 2018, Thursday
We will get out after breakfast and keep our way to Chivyrkuisky Bay, where we will visit hot springs in Snake Bay - here you can swim, the water temperature is +40 +45 degrees in the hot spring; we will take a look at the caves on the island of Lokhmaty and go to the cordon of the Trans-Baikal Reserve in Davsha. Here you can see sables in wildlife!
Distance: 90 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Davsha, Hotel at the cordon of the National Trans-Baikal Nature Reserve. Accommodation for 2 people in a roomt. In the evening Banya

Day 4. March 23, 2018, Friday
In the morning, after breakfast, those who wish can visit the museum of local lore and try to ride on real hunting skis.We will even be able to ride on dog sleds if possible. Further we keep a way to the bay of Hakusy, which is interesting with its thermal springs (temperature + 47 ° C). Lunch will be organized directly on ice!. Free time in Hakusy. Bathing in hot healing baths is included in the price. Dinner.
Distance: 110 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Hakusy, wooden cottages, each for 2 and 4 people in a room.

Day 5. March 24, 2018, Saturday
After breakfast - a short drive to Severobaikalsk. Severobaikalsk is a city of builders of BAM (Baikal-Amul-Railways)

Here we will go ashore, visit the souvenir market and buy some food. Then we will keep our way to Cape Kotelnikovsky. Here is a sanatorium with thermal baths. A unique place - the only place on the west coast with hot waters mineral springs.
Distance: 100 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Cape Katelnikovsky, Sanatorium, Accommodation for two people, a toilet for 2 rooms, a hot shower next to the thermal baths.

Day 6: March 25, 2018, Sunday
We are on our way back and our next point - the Sunny Weather Station. Here we will sleep all in one room – but its warm and very comfortable. The workers of the station will tell us about this place. Russian sauna – banya – in the evening.
Distance: 130 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Sunny Weather Station, up to 10 people in the room, linen provided, toilet on the street. Banya.

Day 7: March 26, 2018, Monday
Today, after breakfast we will return to Khuzhir . Then we will go to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation. Final dinner in one of the city's trendy restaurants.
Distance: 380 km
Meals: Breakfast, lunch
Accommodation: Irkutsk, hotel, toilet, shower in the room.

Day 8. March 27, 2018, Tuesday
Transfer to the airport / train station. Departure at any time. End of the program
Distance: 5 km
Meals: Breakfast
Group: 8 people (or +4)

Included in the price:
  • Accommodation for two or three people in a room on the route. Toilet, hot shower if possible in rooms where there is no possibility - outside, sauna;
  • Transfers of the group on ice and roads by Two UAZs (Russian brand) behind the wheel are experienced ice captains;
  • Three meals a day (except for lunch on the way to Olkhon);
  • All entrances for national parks;
  • Accompanying services;
  • Golf on the ice of Lake Baikal;
  • Participation in a master class cooking Siberian food;
  • Ice fishing – if possible;
  • Bathing in thermal springs along the route;
  • Visit to the local history museum in Hakusy.
Additional paid:
  • Flight to Irkutsk and back;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Additional Activities:
  • Rent of skates in Khuzhir; 150r per hour
  • Rent ATV in Khuzhir 500r 15 minutes
  • Dog sledding in Hakusy (if possible). The price is about 2500r for 15-20 minutes
  • Rent of snowshoes in Hakus;
  • 300r.per hour
  • Alcohol;
  • Tipping guides;
  • Lunch on the way to Olkhon in the cafe and back;
  • Souvenir production.
List of necessary items:
The ice tour of Lake Baikal needs good equipment.
Although the daytime temperature during the journey is close to -10 C, but in the evenings it is still cold in winter, and it is -20 - -25 C. During the day, the sun's rays reflect from the ice surface, warm up the air and create comfortable conditions for rest.
  1. Special attention should be paid to shoes. Best sports winter boots with a soft rubber sole - it does not slip on ice.
  2. Take two pairs of winter tracking socks and one warm wool.
  3. In outerwear, observe the three-layer principle - thermal underwear for medium activity, then the fleece set and on top a windproof jacket (with a hood) and trousers with a membrane.
  4. Puff
  5. Warm unbreakable mittens or gloves,
  6. A good windproof hat.
  7. As the top layer ski suits are suitable.
  8. Do not forget about glasses and sunscreen - the spring sun is very bright!
From other equipment you need to have:
  1. A backpack or a carrying bag.
  2. Sleeping bag up to -7 or -10 degrees (possible to rent from us)
  3. A mug, a bowl, a spoon. (you can also rent it)
  4. Hygienic accessories.
  5. Individual first-aid kit
  6. Headlamp and battery reserve.
  7. Thermos (0,5-1 liter). Anti-slip lining for shoes (sold in any sports shop or you can rent them). -Camera
Photo gallery
We had limited time in Irkutsk and I can't think of a better way to see Listvyanka. In one day we managed to see monuments and cathedrals in Irkutsk, drive to Listvyanka, hike to a beautiful vista (lift also available), see the Baikal museum, fish market, walk along the beaches, and see Shaman rock. Dasha's knowledge of history and geology gave us a better understanding of the region. I hope to see more of Baikal someday.
Thomas Michael
27/10/2017 10:46
The Baikal tour was a wonderful experience, the natural beauty of area and the scenery amazed us. Dasha was very experienced with respect to the history of the area and natural environment. The tour was extremely well organized and flexible enough to accommodate different tastes, interests and levels of fitness. We will return once again, perhaps in the winter to experience the difference of seasons. Thanks the guide and the team for such a wonderful trip!
Daril and Olive
22/06/2017 05:42
The scenery was very beautiful, the food was good, people were very nice. Dasha was very knoledgeble about everything! I love Baikal and Russia.
Maison J Kooley
22/06/2017 05:41
Alexander and Dasha picked us up right in front of our hostels. All i can tell you guys is that you've come to the right website. -Professiona & friendlys guides -Best service -Nice driving skill Worthy experience
14/06/2017 15:28

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