4WD tour to Mongolia

4WD tour to Mongolia

Duration: 7-9 days. Seazon: May-September.
Price per person:
Mongolia is a wonderful place! The beauty of Nature and local customs and traditions will impress you and you will get unforgettable emotions from visiting of this country. You will have an opportunity to see picturesque landscapes and archaeological sights remained from Genghis Khan epoch, to try local cuisine and to experience a real nomadic lifestyle. Duration: 7-9 days. Seazon: May-September.


1 day. Arrival to Ulan-Bator
On this day you will get aсacquainted with the capital of Mongolia - Ulan-Bator city. After Breakfast you will go on the city tour. During the excursion you will visit the Museum of History and Nature. After lunch you will visit Buddhist Church - "Gandan", museum-farmstead ХIII. Free time after dinner.

2nd day. Ulan-Bator – natural park Terelgh.
We will go to the Southern part of the capital by comfortable 4WD cars. At first we will visit the Genghis Khan statue which is 40m high! There are two museums in this complex - one of them is devoted to Khunu Empire and the other - to Great Mongolian Empire. Then you will have lunch (Mongolian cuisine). What is more - you will have an opportunity to ride a camel! After lunch we will go to the National Park Terelgh. We will see the main attractions of the Park: the cave of 100 lamas, Turtle Rock, the meditation temple of Arialabala goddess and dinosaurs park. Accommodations in Mongolian urts or in house with conveniences.

3rd day. Terelgh– Harhorin.
After the visiting of National Park we will change our location and will go to Kharokhorin town - the settlement where the capital of Mongolian Empire was situated. The town is situated near bottom of Eastern Hangay. On the way we will stop near Ogiy-Nuur lake - we will have lunch here. After arrival we will observe the ruins of ancient Karacorum city, which was the capital of Mongolian Empire during Ugedey-Khan. Another important object is Erdeni-Dzu monastery. Also we will visit the museum of local history - "Harhorum". Dinner.

4th day. Excursions in the vicinity of Harhorin.
Breakfast. Today you will visit several interesting places near Harhorin. Our first sight is the waterfall on Chultyn-Gol river. Then we will observe petroglyphs of Neolythic and Bronze age. We will have lunch near hotmineral springs Hudjyrt. Here you have an opportunity to take a hot mineral bath. Dinner.

5th день. Harhorin – Ceceleg.
After breakfast we are on our way to Tsereleg. The road to Tsereleg is amazing - you will be admiring picturesque landscapes and we will compulsory make several stops to take photos. Lunch upon arrival. After that we will observe some interesting objects of the settlement. We will visit several monasteries and the museum of local settlement. Then we will observe some Buddhist temples situated on the top of a sacred mount Bulgan. In the evening - dinner and some free time.

6th day. Cereleg – Ulan-Bator.
Today we are returning to the capital. On the way we are visiting several archaeological sights. Accommodation in the guest house. Free time, dinner.

Additional information:
It is possible to continue the tour (3-5 days) for visiting fascinating landscapes of Gobi Desert. Climate of the country is sharp-continental. Significant deviations of the temperature are possible during the day: from scorching heat to coll evenings. But, no doubts, you have to pay attention to the season.

Don't forget of necessary equipment :
Sunglasses, cap, protective sunscreen, T-shirt from quick-drying material; warm clothes: fleece suit and warm jacket (down-jacket) – it may be cold in the evening. Don't forget of individual first-aid kit.

Follow the rules of crossing the state boundary and things transpontation. For more detailed information apeeal to the embassy of Mongolia: http://embassymongolia.ru/?lang=ru
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We had limited time in Irkutsk and I can't think of a better way to see Listvyanka. In one day we managed to see monuments and cathedrals in Irkutsk, drive to Listvyanka, hike to a beautiful vista (lift also available), see the Baikal museum, fish market, walk along the beaches, and see Shaman rock. Dasha's knowledge of history and geology gave us a better understanding of the region. I hope to see more of Baikal someday.
Thomas Michael
27/10/2017 10:46
The Baikal tour was a wonderful experience, the natural beauty of area and the scenery amazed us. Dasha was very experienced with respect to the history of the area and natural environment. The tour was extremely well organized and flexible enough to accommodate different tastes, interests and levels of fitness. We will return once again, perhaps in the winter to experience the difference of seasons. Thanks the guide and the team for such a wonderful trip!
Daril and Olive
22/06/2017 05:42
The scenery was very beautiful, the food was good, people were very nice. Dasha was very knoledgeble about everything! I love Baikal and Russia.
Maison J Kooley
22/06/2017 05:41
Alexander and Dasha picked us up right in front of our hostels. All i can tell you guys is that you've come to the right website. -Professiona & friendlys guides -Best service -Nice driving skill Worthy experience
14/06/2017 15:28

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