21 – 26 February 2018
We are thrilled to announce our first Antah Journey for 2018. After visiting Dubai, Hongkong, Bali and Glastonbury, this time we are taking you to yet another powerful and mystical destination — Lake Baikal in Siberia.

In order to take in most of the wonders of this extraordinary land and experience it at its most spectacular wintery weather, we have planned our journey for 21 — 26 February 2018.

Siberia, Lake Baikal, an untamed land of shamans, spirits and and primeval beliefs… cold and inaccessible, hiding the wisdom of indigenous people…

We will embark on a journey through the frozenness of our limitations, to find in ourselves the eternal realm of primeval wisdom. Let by the energy and power of the northern earth, we will reach places within ourselves that we don’t want to remember.

When our life path leads through development, when we devote much work and effort to our personal development and it brings us results, we are 'in the light'. It may happen though, that this light blinds and we start to see only things that we want to see.

Have you ever wondered how many things in yourself you are hiding from the outside world? Things that according to you no longer fit your conduct or could put you in bad light? How many of these things you are sweeping under the carpet to avoid working on them?

Have you wondered which aspects of you are hidden under the falling snow? Ice solid beliefs? Traumas buried at the bottom of the ocean? Blocks as hard as rocks that dam up the flow in your life?

Join us to find, heal and integrate them.
Baikal Lake is one of the most amazing destinations in Russia. Being the oldest and the deepest freshwater lake in the world, it is located in Eastern Siberia among the beautiful taiga forests and Nordic steppes. With gorgeous scenery and peaceful solitude, Baikal is also known for its crystal clear, pristine waters and rich, unique wildlife.

The atmosphere around the lake is truly magical. To many Baikal feels like an ocean – powerful, deep, vast and embracing at the same time. This remarkable lake is also considered to be a sacred and holy place. For centuries people prayed to the lake and believed in its power, making it their spiritual centre.
Join us on this journey to explore the wilderness and mystique of Siberia and iced Baikal. This ancient, awe inspiring, and magical lake is not only full of deep waters but also deep mysteries. Discover your deepest self by discovering the spiritual gifts of this powerful and majestic lake. Allow yourself to be captivated by its extreme beauty and legendary magic.

Welcome to Lake Baikal – a well of pristine, a land of spirits and powerful energy, the heart of shamanism and ancient rites – a place like no other on planet Earth.
Currently there are still lots of unique carvings and ritual buildings dating thousands of years back, scattered around the lake.

Baikal is also famous for being the heart of shamanism due to its unique energy and magical properties. Shamanism is still very strong in the lake area, and it doesn't conflict with other religions. Shamans from Lake Baikal still perform traditional rites. One of the most important elements of shamanism in Baikal is ancestor worship. According to beliefs, they live in the upper world and shamans can connect with them when they need advice or solutions to problems. During our journey we will submerge into this energy and experience genuine shamanic rituals from the most famous local Shaman.
Wednesday 21 February 2018
Irkutsk city tour, transfer to the Cape Uyuga of the Lake Baikal
We will all meet up for a traditional Russian-style breakfast and enjoy a short bus city tour in Irkutsk – the capital of Eastern Siberia. We will visit Irkutsk's most famous sightseeing places, among which are impressive Orthodox churches, the Polish Catholic Cathedral built by the Polish exiled to Siberia and many others.

There will also be a chance for some shopping in Irkutsk to equip ourselves with anything we might need for our Journey, as our retreat centre in Baikal will be far away from civilization.
After all the preparations we will depart Irkutsk for Lake Baikal (280km away), travelling in a comfortable minibus. During the 5-hours bus trip, we will pass breath-taking landscapes, so make sure to have your camera handy! On the way, we will have lunch in a nomadic yurt café.

We will arrive at our retreat centre on the Cape Uyuga to catch the sunset and enjoy the most stunning winter views of the Baikal. Here we will relax a little, have a welcome dinner and our opening ceremony, so that we can dive into our magical journey.

Thursday 22 February 2018
Healing sessions, exploring Cape Uyuga, banya (Russian steamed sauna)
In the morning we will enjoy sunrise and a morning walk along Cape Uyuga, renown for it spectacular views and have breakfast in the retreat centre.

We will continue our day with healing sessions with Aga.

After the lunch we will explore local world-famous ice cliffs and breath-taking grottos. There will also be an option to go skating on the Baikal ice. The hotel rents ice skates and other fittings to make the trip safe and comfortable.

After dinner, those of you who are brave enough can experience a traditional Russian steam sauna (Banya) and dive into the ice-cold Baikal if you dare – an Unforgettable experience and instant transformation guaranteed


Friday 23 February 2018
Visit to sacred places of Tazheranskaya steppe and local shaman After an early breakfast we will take minibuses and move to the steppe region to explore the sacred shamanist places Tazheranskay steppe, a unique natural composition of hills, steppes, lonely rocks, caves and lakes. The distinctive geological formations of Tazheransky Steppe make it one of the most scenic and exotic places in the Baikal area.

Since ancient times, Buryat Buddhists and Mongolian tribes have spiritualized this area. We will visit the sacred Erd Mountain which is the place of annual shamans' convene meeting and also the area where local tribes worship Heaven, Earth and Water.
Here we will meet Valentin Hagdaev, the most respectful local shaman and researcher of Shamanism. He will tell us about shamanic traditions and take us around his museum. We will also experience a powerful purification ritual performed by Valentin.
Purified and refreshed, we will then enjoy the traditional Buryat lunch in a yurt and travel back to the hotel.
In the evening and after dinner we will carry on with our healing work and attend healing sessions with Aga.

Saturday 24 February 2018
Trip to Olkhon Island
We will have breakfast in the hotel at 6 am and then take a day-long trip to the sacred and most spectacular places of Olkhon Island.

Must-see places we will visit include:

Khuzhir village and Shamanka Rock, where local people are still doing their rituals.
Khuzhir is a tourist centre of the island and Shamanka Rock is its heart. It is the most energetic place where local shamans still carry out their rituals. We will see many colourful stripes attached to 13 poles, symbolizing the most powerful family of Eagles, that lived on the island a long time ago. This place is considered to be the world's capital of shamanism and according to many people it has powerful energies and a unique feeling.

Cape Sagan-Khushun and Rock of Three Brothers. This is one of the most beautiful spots of the Northern Baikal as the cape is formed from light-coloured marble, covered by lichens. From the lake surface the cape looks like huge giant, which, according to some legends, was turned into stone by some spirits. Our guide will tell us more local legends about shamans and mysteries of the lake. There will also be an ice cave for our exploration!

Cape Khoboy, a famous place of power. One of the most beautiful places of the lake, where local people met sunsets and prayed to spirits for their kindness. Close to the cape there are areas of stunningly blue ice, which looks amazing! If the weather allows, we will also see another shore and hilly Holy Nose peninsula, located at eastern coast. Here you will feel that the lake is alive.

We will have a pre-cooked lunch in one of the silent and remote places of Olkhon.

There will be stops for warm coffee and local snacks in the Khuzhir village so that we can warm up and recharge for the rest of our trip. There will be a chance to try local specialties such as smoked omul fish and pastries – they definitely deserve some attention!

We will arrive back at the hotel quite late and will have dinner there.

Sunday 25 February 2018
Healing sessions and trip to the Enlightenment stupa on Ogoy Island
We will start our day with breakfast in the hotel and continue our day with Aga's healing session.
After the lunch in hotel, we will have a 3-4 hour tour on the air-cushion boats to nearby Ogoy Island.

This Island hosts sacred Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment dedicated to the Black Wrathful Dakini Tröma Nagmo. The wrathful black dakini is an expression of compassionate ancient awareness and transcendent wisdom. It is believed, that if you go around the stupa three times expressing your respect to it and make a wish, it will come true. There is one condition though – the thoughts of the person who makes a wish should be pure.

After the worship on the stupa, we will return to the hotel to have dinner. In the evening there will be time to experience the Russian steam sauna and again, and those of you who dare, can jump into a Baikal water-hole!

Monday 26-th February 2018
Transfer to Irkutsk
We will have an early breakfast, followed by the journey closing ceremony.
After farewells we will set off back to Irkutsk.
21 – 26 February 2018
Limited space is available for this unique and transformative experience.

The Early Bird price is £1900 and it needs to be made in full by 10/01/2018.

Full price afterwards is £2300.

The prices are subject to Paypal/transfer fees.

The price includes:
  • healing sessions with Agnieszka
  • accommodation
  • all meals
  • excursions
  • rituals
  • transfer Irkutsk-Uyuga hotel
The price doesn't include flight tickets and additional entertainment (sauna, fittings rental, eg skates).

Dasha Zvereva, the organiser and our Baikal guide, has all the details about this Journey and will be more than happy to answer all your questions and take the bookings. Please contact her at You can also email us directly at


Agnieszka Major is an internationally recognised therapist and coach who uses a highly progressive combination of scientific methods and experimental techniques to bring positive change to her clients' lives. Her work incorporates a wealth of transformative knowledge and modalities, including psychology, energy healing, NLP, shamanism, neuroscience, genetics, microbiology and important ancient teachings.

Certified by a number of international organisations, she is actively involved in cutting edge research on the functioning of the human psyche. Through this collaborative research she has co-founded a new methodology called Life Flow Therapy, a set of healing techniques that deliver rapid, effective and lasting results. She is currently conducting research which aims to scientifically prove the healing potential of this method and its effect on a biological level.
When confronting specific problem areas in your life, it is easier to make these changes when you are away from your usual surroundings. Antah Journeys are powerful retreats that take participants on a journey of healing and discovery. During these journeys we will address specific issues while also being emerged in the location, chosen specifically for the purpose of the journey. We have held Abduncance Workshops in Dubai and Hong Kong and Healing Retreats in Glastonbury, UK.

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