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2 000
On the tour you will get acquainted with the capital of Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk city. History, culture, identity, monumentality – all of these is waiting for you on this exciting trip to the city of Irkutsk. You will be amazed by its beauty and spirituality of the Orthodox churches, places of the Decembrists' exile, which still preserve the spirit of the bypassed epoch.

Olkhon 1 Day Tour

1 DAY tour is for those who doesn't have enough time, but want to see the beautiful highlights of Olkhon island. Distances covered is about 700 km if you have a chance to take longer tour – please do it.

The Ice Wonder of Olkhon island – 3 days tour

12 000
Due to severe Siberian winters lake Baikal is frozen about 5 months a year. But only in January, February and March there is a possibility to travel directly on the transparent ice of the lake! Use this wonderful opportunity – book the tour now and we guarantee that you won't regret it. Enjoy the glory of Baikal with us!

2-day tour to Tunka valley (Arshan)

5 000
This is super-efficient 2day tour to Tunka valley (territory of Buryat republic) allows you to observe many attractions in a very short period of time.

The Tunkinsky valley begins with the southernmost tip of Baikal near which the settlement of Kultuk is located. It is, probably, the most unique place of Cis-Baikal, the fanned mass of ancient legends and legends. On this road along the river bank Irkut lay many centuries ago Genghis Khan's way and his many thousands army.

Hot winter on lake Baikal

Irkutsk — Olkhon — The Ushkan'i Islands — Davsha — Hakusi — Severobaikalsk — Kotel — Solar — Irkutsk
77 700
Baykal need to visit at least 2 times - in summer and winter! It is impossible to convey the feeling as we race through the vast white desert of transparent ice! When you can walk in a t-shirt in the bitter cold and scorch, like on a beach Thailand! To see the secluded lake Baikal, which is hidden from the eyes of the majority!

Baikal Fairy Tail

35 700
Arrival in Irkutsk, meeting with guide at the airport.
Go to Listvyanka. On the way visit the architectural and ethnographic Museum Taltsy, where we will explore the life and architecture of the peoples of the Baikal region. The Museum under the open sky, the Central part consists of the original huts and the tower of the Ilimsk fortress (mid 17th-late 19th). Also presented Evenki and Tofalar camps. A separate complex is the culture of the Buryats and Mongols. The Museum is located on the road , 20 km from Listvyanka and 40 km from Irkutsk.

Big Baikal Crossing and Ice Camp

Baikal – is an unique lake, deepest, purest and the most volumetric in the world, which contains 20% of the world's reserves. Glorious lake in the central part of Siberia attracts more and more adventurous people!
Baikal Ice Crossing Tour allows you to feel the lake in the best way.
We make a comfortable ice camp right in the middle of the lake, between Listvianka and Tankhoy village – warm winter tents with stoves inside.
Other nights during are in warm guest houses on the western part of the lake.
This tour is held from the end of January till the beginning of April, when the lake is frozen.

Hovercraft expedition

60 000
Siberian winter is amazing – plenty of shining pure snow and sparkling ice of various shades of blue and white! The winter in Baikal is unforgettable – absolutely distinctive from what you can see in summer time. This tour allows you to explore Baikal and its amazing ice cover completely – you will travel more than 300 kilometers and get an opportunity to see the things inaccessible for other travelers. We will spend plenty of time on the ice crossing the lake by different vehicles and stopping at various places. Our drivers are local ice experts who know the lake in and out and who will make this a safe expedition for you.

Ice Trekking: Bolshoe-Goloustnoe-Listvianka

Season: February-March. Duration of the tour: 3 days.
17 000
1st day. Irkutsk – B. Goloustnoe – Cordon at Kadilny cape
Our guide will meet you in Irkutsk in the morning. After that you will be delivered to B. Goloustnoe settlement, which is 150 km from Irkutsk on the shore of Baikal. Lunch is upon arrival (12:00–13:00) in a cafe near Baikal. An active part of the tour begins!We will step on ice not far from the village. Our guide will help you to pack your sleighs. Our goal today is Cadilny cape - you can see it on the horizon. The ice of Baikal is extremely beautiful - you will see how transparent it is.

Snowmobiles and snowshoeing in Siberian forest (2-days tour)

from 8000
Siberian winter is amazing – to see it and to feel its magic we offer snowmobile and snowshoeing tour in Khamar-Daban mountains.


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Recreation at lake Baikal

Recreation at lake Baikal
Baikal is one of the few places that is rightly called "the pearl of Russia". However, recreation at lake Baikal in Moscow is not so popular as a trip to the sea.
Here is not found "all-inclusive", but infrastructure and services are evolving every year. Becoming more and more popular not only active, but also a sightseeing holiday.

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